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The building, seeks to maximize views over the parcel, it is organized along 3 bands that intersect around the circulation core. These three bands, that accommodate and organize the different rooms, open up towards different views  and orientations, while maintaining a prevailing orientation in the northeast-southwest direction to secure maximum daylight in every room.  While the bands configure and organize the different housing uses, they also demarcate the different landscape zones, defining the landscape qualities of the parcel.

The parcel is organized in a series of terraces that negotiate with the existing steep topography while configuring the base for a landscape with differentiated characters.  The house is a conscious exercise in developing an alternative configuration to the surrounding villas of the neighborhood by developing strong relationships between the landscape and the house in order to produce multiple experiences within and towards the house.  The multiple readings of the house mirror the rich experiential lifestyle that is facilitated by the geometric configuration of the house and its landscape.

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